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  • Civil Law

  • We have a dedicated team, which includes advocates on brief who have outstanding track record; this is done to ensure that every matter handled is dealt with professionally.  There is no matter too complex for our dedicated team.

    We represent our clients in court on various civil matters. We have already established long term relations with our existing clients and ensure that we make their business ours.  We pride ourselves in the success rate of our cases.

    We offer the following services:

    • General legal advice and drafting legal opinions on any legal issue.
    • All real estate transactions (buying, selling, lease, rent).
    • Property related litigation.
    • Family law, divorce, administration of estates.
    • Labour Law.
    • Mediation and arbitration and chairing disciplinary proceedings.
    • General litigation.
    • Insurance Law and tax law.
    • Personal injuries claims and litigation.
    • Liquidation and sequestration of estates.


    Our dedicated lawyers have devised means to settle these matters amicably out of court in order to save time and money.  Court initiated mediation is also available in the High Courts to ensure that the parties to divorce proceedings arrive at a settlement out of court.  This ensures that the parties are not subjected to long trials and delays in the court systems. We also ensure that the parties maintain a civil relationship when children are involved.  The settlements normally relate to the division of property and the custody and maintenance of children. We ensure that the client’s interest is protected at all times.  


    We advise clients the importance of having a will.  A last will and testament is a legal document that regulates what happens to a person’s assets and liabilities after the death of the testator or the testatrix.  The drafting of a will is also very important for business people. Will can be drafted at any time in a person’s life. 


    We also offer mediation and arbitration services.  This service ensures that the parties settle the matter amicably out of court.  One of the benefit of this method of settling disputes is that it ensures that the parties retain their working relationship, instead of having to battle their differences in court.  This also ensures that the trade secrets of either of the parties in not publicized in court, in court documents and judgements which are for public consumption.  This also reduces the costs of lengthy litigation.  Also the process ensures that the parties can resort to the process over and over without the matter being declared res judicata if other issues pertaining to the same subject matter arises.  We also offer services of availing one of our staff members to chair disciplinary hearings on behalf of our client. This ensures that correct procedures are followed and in the end this saves our client litigations costs of being consumed in expensive labour disputes on the grounds of unfair dismissal.  We also draft employment contracts, policies and review such for our clients.


    Our dedicated team though constants skills training is equipped with the skill to litigate all labour law matters in all the competent courts. We also draft all labour contracts and review contracts already drafted to ensure that they comply with the labour laws.