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  • Corporate Law

  • We have realized through the years working with businesses that many of the problems that end up being litigated upon could have been simply prevented through legal advice on various issues corporate governance issues.  We want to be involved in the business of our client registration of the company to the negotiation of any business deal, the drafting any necessary contract and also any matters that relate to governance. 


    We strive to establish a relationship with our clients from the inception of the company and during the existence of the company.  This ensures that we avail our services for all problems arising on the day to day running of the business.

    We offer consultancy services on the following;

     Guiding our clients on the compliance of revenue laws;

    • Guiding our clients on the compliance of any regulations that relates to their business ie mining regulations, regulations by the Central Bank and any other legislation that they need to comply with in order to effectively run their business.
    • We advise and draft shareholder agreements.
    • Negotiations of contracts on behalf of clients.