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  • Debt Collection

  • Companies do not have the time to chase non-paying customers delaying to act promptly in demanding payment results in the likelihood of customers failing to pay.  The first step is for the company to contact its attorneys to commence the debt collection.

    Pre-litigation stage:  We choose to use amicable debt collection whereby we utilize telephone calls and negotiate with client to start paying the debt.  We also resort to issuing out demand letters as a means of demanding the debtor to come and settle the debt through the signing of an acknowledgement of debt and paying of the outstanding amount, we also indicate in the letter that failure to respond to the demand legal action will be taken against the debtor and costs will be borne by them. The letter of demand encourages a debtor to pay in order to avoid litigation.  This method is time saving and inexpensive.  We act promptly upon the receipt of notification of non-payment.

    Litigation stage:  Upon exhausting the pre-litigation stage without any success, the attorneys will now issue summons.  If the debtor is non-responsive to the summons a default judgment is applied for and once granted, a writ of execution is issued for the judgment debtors property to be attached and sold in execution.  An alternative to issuing a writ of execution is to apply for a garnishee whereby the salary of the judgment debtor is attached. 

    The summary of services offered regarding debt collection;

    • To analyse the case.
    • To trace the debtor whereby the whereabouts are unknown.
    • To negotiate a settlement.
    • To initiate litigation proceedings against debtors.
    • To receive and manage all payments of debtor in trust.
    • To initiate insolvency and liquidation proceedings on insolvent debtors.