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  • Mortgage Bonds & Deeds

  • Register mortgage bonds, partnership deeds; sublease agreements, deed of transfer.  We also draft all types of contracts.


    We draft all types of contracts. We tailor make the contracts to suit the clients individual needs.  Contracts are drafted in the simplest terms to ensure clarity and certainty.  This ensures that the clients are aware of the rights and obligations. This also ensures transparency between the parties.  This will ensure that there are unnecessary disputes between.

    We draft the following contracts;

    • Shareholder agreements.
    • Association agreements.
    • Cession agreements.
    • Construction work contracts.
    • Sublease agreements.
    • Contracts of sale.
    • Joint venture agreements.
    • Partnership agreements.
    • Service contracts and retainer agreements.
    • Surety agreements.

    Terms and conditions agreements.