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  • Real Estate Transaction and Litigation

  • We pride ourselves in our ability to deal with various real estate matters, ranging from the negotiation stage, drafting the agreements, registration of the property sale, tax implications and the land laws and regulations affecting the transaction.

    Negotiation stage:  It is advisable for parties intending to enter into any real estate transaction to consult us in order to be advised on matters relating to the transaction. This will ensure that the rights and obligations of both buyer and seller are addressed and a consensus is reached.    The parties are also obliged to adhere to the laws and regulations relating to the sale of any immovable property in Lesotho and South Africa.

    Contract stage:  In the negotiation stage the parties enter into a verbal agreement as to the transaction. A verbal contract for the sale of immovable property is invalid. Therefore such a contract (Deed of Sale) must be reduced into writing to ensure certainty. This therefore entails that our dedicated team will draft the necessary contracts.

    Lodging of the contract: After the parties are satisfied with the Deed of Sale and both parties have signed the Attorneys will not draw up the deed of transfer for the purposes of lodging and registration.

    Litigation of real estate transactions:  We litigate on all land and property related matters.

    Services Offered;

    • Guide clients on all matters relating to the buying and selling of property from negotiation stage to the lodging of the agreement.
    • Representing parties through Power of Attorney during the process.
    • All real estate transactions ( buy, sell, lease, rent)
    • Commercial property (buy, sell, lease, rent, transfer)
    • Negotiating for buyers.
    • Negotiating for sellers.
    • Property purchase agreement.
    • Sales option contracts.
    • Managing of trust accounts for pre-payment and sales option.
    • Rental and lease contracts and registrations.
    • Valuation and risk management.
    • Property management for owners.
    • Property research for commercial and private properties.
    • Checking current state of property to ensure there are no hidden surprises.
    • Real estate litigation.